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Privacy Statement for Dru Yoga 

Move into Balance (sole trader, Claire Phillipson) is GDPR compliant and registered with the ICO (
Data collection and data processing are the sole responsibility of your yoga teacher.

Why does your yoga teacher collect your details?

1. Contact details are necessary to keep you informed about classes and arrangements.
2. Other personal and health information is collected in order to ensure that classes are safe and appropriate for you.
3. This is so that I can perform my contract with you.

How your details are stored and kept secure.

4. Minimal contact details are stored on password secured devices. Health details are only kept in printed form (ie your health questionnaire) and stored securely. Where records are transported to classes for reference, they will remain with your yoga teacher at all times.
5. In group emails, your email address will be blind copied (“Bcc’d”at all times).
6. Only your yoga teacher has access to your records.

What happens when you stop attending classes?

7. Records are kept only as long as necessary. After leaving classes you will no longer receive emails, unless you specifically request to keep in touch. I may need to email you individually in relation to data still held by me (see point 8 below).
8. Your name, email, phone and health information will be kept as long as you attend classes plus an additional 6-10 years, for legal reasons. They will be stored either in paper format or backed up and archived separately from any computer, smartphone or similar device.
How your details are kept up to date.

9. You will be reminded at intervals to update contact or health information if necessary. It is your responsibility to ensure these details are kept up to date. It is recommended that you inform your teacher if you develop any health condition that would affect your ability to enjoy classes.
10. At the end of the archive period, records will be deleted or destroyed by secure shredding or incineration.
11. You can gain access to your records at any time with reasonable notice by contacting your yoga teacher – see below.

If you have any questions please contact Claire Phillipson on
Phone: 07967 384560 Email: