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Claire Phillipson

Claire Phillipson  

Claire has a background of over 23 years in bodywork, as an aromatherapist and Bowen Therapy practitioner; one reason why she was instantly drawn to Dru’s unique, flowing and accessible style.

In 2010 she completed the Dru Yoga Teacher Training course of 200 hours study and assessment.  She has been teaching yoga since then in classes local to Uttoxeter and Ashbourne.

In addition she has attended regular post graduate training including the Dru Back Care course and advanced teaching workshops.  

Claire is a full member of the Dru Professional Network (DPN).  As well as teaching her own classes, she supports Midlands Dru Teacher Training courses whenever she can.

Every Body is a Yoga Body

“I’m passionate about bringing yoga to all and my classes reflect a wide range of ages and abilities.

My aim is to create a nurturing experience for people who would not normally consider themselves

  • 'Good at yoga' – there’s no pressure to perform or compete and alignment guidance is largely for your comfort and safety.  I will not physically 'adjust' you.
  • 'Bendy enough' – you don’t need to fold your head to your knees or sit cross-legged to enjoy and benefit from yoga.  You will become more supple and stronger just by moving in the classes. And very likely calmer and more relaxed.

Movements, breathing practices and reflections are there for you to explore and enjoy within your unique body and mind. Take away from the classes whatever works for you.

Dru Yoga is the perfect antidote to the rush, busyness and overthinking of modern life.  There is always an element of lightness and fun in classes…and, most importantly,  plenty of opportunity to relax and breathe out.

If you would like to come along and try a class, get in touch and you'll be very welcome!

Namaste, warm wishes


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