Healthy Back Classes

Specialist classes aimed at preventing and relieving back pain.  

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    Healthy Back Classes

    Whether you experience chronic back pain or simply want to learn easy-to-follow techniques to maintain a strong and healthy back, these classes can help.  

    Gentle movements, breathing and relaxation methods help release tension and mobilise your back. Designed as a 6 week course, you  progress at your own pace through the classes.  The movements can all be adapted if necessary including working from a chair.

    Support material is provided to create your own sustainable home practice which ensures  you get the most benefit from the classes.

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    Ashbourne Physiotherapy Centre

    Ashbourne Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Centre

    1, Spire House, Waterside Business Park, Ashbourne DE6 1DG



        For more details and to check for places, contact Claire on 07967 384560 or email me